Thursday, April 26, 2012

JC Penney Portrait Studios: Options, Gifts and More

JC Penney Portrait Studios offer amazing photography for you and your family. These portrait studios provide a simple way for you to preserve those precious moments. Coupons make it possible for virtually everyone, even ones on really limited budgets, to enjoy highest-quality portraits.

Besides portraits, some of the portrait product options offered at JC Penney Portrait Studios include the following:

Single and Multi-Image Borders

Several portrait sizes and finishes are available for you to choose from. Standard Portrait sizes are as follows (inches): 20 by 24, 16 by 20, 1-10 by 13, 1-8 by 10, 2-5 by 7s, and 4-3.5 by 5s.

Seeing everyone’s face expression is crucial. For a standard size living room, with a viewing distance of eight to ten feet, a face height of four to six inches is warmly recommended. Any smaller and face expressions are lost. You will not get the viewing amazement and convenience you wish. A lot of people used to think that standard eight by ten inches of their family are okay. On the other hand, once you project photos on the wall, you see just how much better a larger size portrait really is. Since family is an important part of our life proper portrait size is critical. Basically, viewing distance from the displayed portrait to the main living room sofa will determine portrait size. For example, with four to six inches face sizes in the portrait, you can clearly see the nose, mouth as well as the eyes. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy the expression on faces of the loved one(s) without having to walk up to the photo. This four to six inches recommendation is based on an average viewing distance of 8 – 10’. Furthermore, horizontal wall space also helps determine the best portrait’s size. Basically, the portrait should utilize one half to three fourths of the available horizontal wall space. For instance, an 11 by 14’’ photo over a couch would not look good. When making a size decision, consider frame sizes as well. 

Fun Shapes and Sizes

Personality portrait size is 10 by 20 inches.

Some of the several photo gift items you can order with your favorite image on them include:

  • Greeting cards
  • Card size is 4 by 7 inches and they come with envelopes

Their personalized greeting cards are just what the name says - personal. They are a compilation of their most popular top-quality individual designs. They are ideal for all occasions, including birthday invitations, baby announcements, engagement announcements, thank you cards, holiday greetings etc. Also, they can be a great way of showing that special person just how much they mean to you.

Tote bags

You get a nice tote bag with an image on it, perfect gift for many occasions. Best of all, you get two tote bags for the price of one. The image is woven right into the tote bag, so it will never peel or crack. Tote bag size is 18 by 18 inches.

Photo CDs

Needless to say, you can choose from a variety of different backgrounds for the portraits. Props such as musical instrument, flowers, suitcases, stuffed animal, and sports item can also be used to add interest to the photo shot. If you want, it is possible to bring in an item of your own to use as a portrait prop.

Some of the many reasons people get their pictures taken at these photo studios include:

  • Birthdays
  • Newborn portraits
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • School pictures
  • High-school reunions
  • Family portraits
  • Holiday greeting card photos
  • Maternity photography
  • Couple portraits
Have you ever been to JCPenney Portrait Studios? Tell us about your experience!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Portrait Session Ideas for Girls at JCPenney Studio

Have you ever wondered why some portraits look bad and others look awesome? What is the BIG secret? Use props, different backdrops, and artful poses in order to create spectacular and great shoots. Furthermore, when the portrait is a memory that needs to be preserved for a lifetime, you need the very best artist. This is your body that is being photographed and you‘ll put out your hard earned bucks. Therefore, get the best photographer from the JCPenney Portrait Studio to do the job.

However, girls generally try to help an artist make the best portrait possible. Here are some ideas.

Creative Expressions and Poses for Girls

Imitating cute little animals such as swan, hummingbird or car with sleek, pronounced or graceful gestures provide a wide variety of posing options for the girl. Some other good animals to mimic are a puma (balances intention as well as strength), frog (quick and courageous), cheetah (light and mobile), budgerigar (beautiful and happy) and albatross (powerful and beautifully graceful).

Furthermore, you should make a long list of all the phrases as well as adjectives which are likely to produce creative expressions like the words emotions, power, excitement, sorrow, undercover, freedom, troubled, courageous, strength, and seduction.

Costumes and Make-up for JCPenney Portraits

Make-up plays a huge part in making the portraits really come alive during the session. So, a girl should not be afraid to experiment with fashionable colors and one-of-a-kind designs. She should think daring and provocative like adding jewelry over the eye shadow, coloring the lips with slightly darker colors as well as extending the lip line in order to form another shape or perhaps outlining the eye with bright colors.

In order to find creative ideas for jewels, unique costumes, and (naturally) fashionable accessories, a girl should turn to iconic films. Outfits don’t have to be fabric. They can be manufactured of organic materials as well.

Classic portrait poses are what you’re searching for. What you should be doing is looking at magazines to see what they do to give you some fresh ideas.

Props and Themes for JCPenney Portraits

Themes can be selected by occupation (for example, ballerina), subject (for example, recyclables like wearing a summer dress made out of 100% recycled plastics), scene (for example, local cafe) and last (but not least) color schemes (for example, purple and yellow).

For props, the living room is a good place to find a lot of them like silverware, crystal water glasses, old gramophone, and books. These are producing the sentimental and poetic atmosphere.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Props for Your Shoot in JCPenney Portrait Studios

Photo shoot at JCPenney Portrait Studio is fun, no doubt about that. But if you want to make it special, add some props such as stuffed dog, skis or a snow shovel. Props add to the atmosphere and to the overall effect, i.e. they can really add richness to a photograph.

Here are some useful things you should know about props.

- Depending on age, they may certainly add to your baby’s portrait without taking away from the subject. For babies and small kids, standard items are shovels, pails, shells and (of course) sand.

- Perfect props for a portrait can be (and usually are) the least expensive. Making your own props for a photo shoot really doesn’t have to cost a lot. Simply add a touch of your individuality. For a more personal touch, take your own props or a favorite childhood toy to the photo shoot.

- Ask yourself: What are my child's favorite items? Is there some special board game, gadget, hat, sunglasses? Also, think about what your child really likes to do.

- Make a full list of things that are in some connection with the upcoming holidays as well as some important dates. Needless to say, Xmas evokes cute and beautiful images candles, trees, wreaths, sleds as well as strings of lights. Just think of all the things that can be incorporated into your portrait background. Just for instance, a cute little baby can be posed on a sled in front of a tree.

- Write down a list of the props you would want to add to your JCPenney Portrait Studio resources.

- The very best selection of props for a portrait is definitely one that portray the child's uniqueness and that the child is fond of. Furthermore, good props are the ones that will tell a story about your child.

- Keep in mind that the prop has to be small enough. It must not overpower the child in the portrait.

- To make the photograph have that timeless look the prop has to go well with the style and color of the clothing.

- A lot of professional photographers have props which they use with the child. On the other hand, being able to use your own props will make the photographs more special and unique.

Ribbon sticks, hula hoops, scarves and some other props add to the fun. Here are some other creative ideas for props:

  • Signature robe
  • Sword
  • Umbrella
  • Book
  • Spacesuit
  • Old clothes
  • Mirror
  • Cushion
  • Vase of fresh colorful flowers
  • Several upscale magazines & a few hardbound books
  • Bowl of colorful fruit
  • Plate of fresh baked goods
  • Cup of tea or coffee
  • Bottle of champagne and/or wine with glasses
  • Candles

And what is your favorite prop?